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InsuJet Needle Free Device: Benefits, Features, Approved Countries, Pricing (2023)

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InsuJet Needle Free Device: Benefits, Features, Approved Countries, Pricing (2023)

Many people with diabetes learn to cope with daily insulin injections to achieve the best blood sugar control


However, this doesn’t need to be the case since companies like NuGen Medical Devices developed convenient needle-free drug delivery systems.


In this article, we’ll walk you through how the InsuJet needle-free device delivers an affordable needle-free system that people with diabetes can rely on. 


Let’s walk you through all you need to know before adopting a needle-free injection device including the benefits, features, availability, and pricing!

What Is an InsuJet Needle-Free Device?

InsuJet Need Free Kit
InsuJet Need Free Kit

InsuJet is a portable insulin delivery device that’s designed with subcutaneous jet injections in mind.


The needle-free insulin device is easy to use thanks to its top-notch engineering and premium quality. You get to adjust the dose using an accurate dial with a display for injecting the insulin units.


The device offers a comfort ring that lets you control the pressure of the nozzle. This comes in handy, especially when injecting insulin therapy into sensitive areas of the skin.


InsuJet also has a locking mechanism that ensures the nozzle is secured before administering your insulin dose.


The disposable insulin vial adapter can be reloaded with a new vial once your old one is empty. You can also replace the injector nozzle after the recommended number of insulin administrations. 


This way, you can ensure the nozzle doesn’t get blunt and cause painful injections while avoiding the risks of infection with repeated usage.

Benefits of InsuJet Needle-Free Device

InsuJet Need Free Injector
InsuJet Need Free Injector

Since insulin pens were first introduced, studies have looked into insulin absorption, blood glucose lowering capacity, and tolerability using insulin pens when compared to conventional insulin syringes.


Needle-free jet injection provides equivalent results, making them a viable alternative to needle injections.


Let’s explore some of the benefits of adopting a needle-free system for your insulin therapy:

More Rapid Insulin Absorption

Clinical studies at the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands have shown 40% faster insulin absorption when using an InsuJet device. This could help address some of the limitations of subcutaneous injections.


Insulin injections are meant to replicate the role of the pancreas through subcutaneous injections. But in reality, even the rapid-acting insulin formulations need some time to be absorbed and reach the bloodstream.


Such a delay translates into brief periods of high blood glucose following a meal, known as postprandial hyperglycemia.


Even after the injection's been administered, insulin levels in the blood take some time to normalize, leading to a delayed drop in blood sugar to normal levels.


InsuJet replicates normal human physiology, allowing insulin preparations to achieve a faster onset of action. This removes the unwanted fluctuations in blood glucose levels and helps achieve tighter glycemic control.


NuGen offers reliable products with wide adoption, which incentivized the scientific community to study the InsuJet device and publish several papers in highly regarded journals like Diabetes Care


These studies show faster insulin absorption directly correlates with early postprandial glucose control.

Lower Risk of Needlestick Injuries

Needlestick injuries can be a serious issue for healthcare providers and caregivers. Improper disposal of needles also has dire health consequences and can lead to cross-contamination.


A needle-free system addresses such concerns once and for all by taking away the sharp needle.


InsuJet comes with a double-action safety mechanism. This ensures you don’t accidentally deploy the needle-free jet injection. The device has to be pressed against the injection site for the release mechanism to kick into action and safely deliver the correct insulin dosage.


Used InsuJet consumables can be disposed of with your regular household waste. Since there aren’t any contaminated needles to worry about, your InsuJet device isn’t producing medical waste that requires specific precautions regarding proper disposal.

Reduced Insulin Absorption Variability

People with higher body weights show variable insulin absorption. Many factors come into play, including the thickness of the pad of fat into which the drug is injected and the specific insulin formulation used.


Patients with a higher BMI won’t have to worry about such issues when using an InsuJet injector. The treatment reaches the bloodstream at more expected rates and lowers the blood glucose levels to active adequate glycemic control.


Opting for single-use syringes for your daily insulin therapy isn’t the most eco-friendly solution, as you’d be producing a lot of waste in the process. 


On the other hand, your InsuJet can keep you covered for up to 3 years, rounding up to a total of about 5000 injections.


InsuJet offers a sustainable solution that doesn’t take the same toll on the environment as conventional insulin syringes.

Convenient for Patients with Needle Phobia

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about one in four adults have a needle phobia. Such numbers shed some light on a common issue of non-adherence to medical treatment and poor blood glucose level control.


A needle-free jet injection doesn’t elicit the same anxiety and pain for people with needle phobia. Customer feedback shows that 91% of patients choosing InsuJet have a varying degree of needle phobia.


Without the innovation of NuGen Medical Devices and other companies in the needle-free injection space, many patients might have compliance issues with their daily insulin therapy, which can be detrimental to their well-being.

Less Chance for Intramuscular Injections

For the most efficient insulin absorption, the drug has to be released in the subcutaneous layer of fat right underneath the skin. InsuJet device allows insulin to disperse over a larger surface area, which explains its quicker absorption rates.


When released inside a muscle, insulin absorption is hard to predict, leading to poor glycemic control.


Traditional insulin syringe injections, using an incorrect needle size, targeting an area without enough subcutaneous fat, or adopting an improper injection technique can all account for unintended intramuscular injections.


Such an issue is a thing of the past when using InsuJet as the device’s injection point is tiny and only penetrates through the superficial planes of the subcutaneous tissue.

Features of InsuJet Needle-Free Device

InsuJet Need Free System
InsuJet Need Free System
Despite its compact size, the InsuJet device comes packed with useful features. The company behind InsuJet, NuGen Medical Devices, built the needle-free injector from the ground up to be easy to use by people of different ages. Let’s explore some of the features that InsuJet offers:

Flexible Variable Dose Range

InsuJet allows people with diabetes to accurately adjust their insulin dose using a responsive dial. 


The dose range starts from 4 units to 50 units with a one-unit increment system. This accounts for different treatment plans and ensures your InsuJet device doesn’t become obsolete with changes to your prescription.

No Battery Needed

The ultimate self-injection device has to be portable, intuitive, and frictionless. NuGen Medical Devices hits on all three aspects with its needle-free injection device.


InsuJet uses a mechanical spring system that’s ready to release with a click of a button. The system doesn’t need batteries to function, which ensures your insulin therapy is never delayed as you have to fidget through your drawers looking for spare batteries.

Replaceable Nozzle

To ensure contamination is never an issue, InsuJet comes with a replaceable nozzle.


A nozzle is the part on top holding up the insulin. It comes with a small opening through which the jet injection system releases the drug.


NuGen Medical Devices recommends you replace the nozzle after 56 injections or every two weeks. 


No special tools are needed to replace the nozzle, allowing you to get the new insulin nozzle in place without much hassle.

Different Adaptors for Insulin Vials

Whether you’re using the 3ml or the 10ml insulin vials, InsuJet is the needle-free solution for you.


The device comes with different adaptors that accommodate different vial sizes. 


The adaptor holds the insulin container securely in place and connects it to the nozzle for efficient diabetes care.

Approved Countries and Availability

With three global offices, NuGen Medical Devices oversees its products’ availability in different markets worldwide,. InsuJet devices are available in over 40 countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, just to name a few.


InsuJet is also available across many markets in Europe and the Middle East, making it an easy pick for people who’re always traveling and want to ensure they get uncompromising post-purchase support for their insulin injector.


It’s also worth noting that InsuJet has over 25 different partners in different countries to ensure you get the healthcare you deserve. 


The wide availability network makes InsuJet higher up on the list of anyone looking for a needle-free insulin injector.


In terms of pricing, the company behind InsuJet offers different bundles, so you’re only paying for what you need. The InsuJet Total Therapy device comes with either the 3ml or 10ml adaptors depending on the size of your insulin vials.


You can sign up for a 3-month subscription to get the InsuJet devices shipped to your doorstep so you don’t ever have to worry about running low. It’s also worth noting that InsuJet offers an automatic top-up feature to reorder your insulin therapy supplies every month.


If you’re in Europe, the InsuJet subscription will cost you €33 per month, offering you the most savings on your insulin therapy.


If you’re not a fan of the subscription model, you can pay €299,99 up front for the InsuJet Starter Pack. It comes with all you need to get the best diabetes care.


The Starter Pack comes with 3ml and the 10ml insulin adaptors, so you can switch between them when needed. It also offers extra nozzles right in the box to ensure you’re covered when replacing your InsuJet’s nozzle.


The insulin adaptors and nozzles are also sold separately, so you can always order more when needed.


Visit InsuJet’s online storefront to check for local pricing and order your needle-free injector today!


InsuJet’s parent company is always looking for opportunities to expand into more markets to offer better healthcare for diabetics everywhere.


Expect to see more couturiers on InsuJet’s availability list as the product approval requests are processed by different healthcare entities.

Possible InsuJet Side Effects

InsuJet need Free Injector Device
InsuJet need Free Injector Device

Although the needle-free insulin injection solution is superior to the conventional syringe administration, such new devices have potential side effects that you must keep in mind. 


Most of which are rare and not serious and can only represent a minor inconvenience.


Here are some of the side effects of InsuJet with effective ways to minimize their risk of occurrence:

Raised White Bump

Following your insulin injection, you might notice a superficial raised white bump. This indicates that the solution wasn’t injected deep enough into the skin. This can lead to limited absorption and a longer time for even the rapid-acting insulin to function.


If you face such an issue, you should know it’s time to tweak your injection technique.


For instance, if you’re taking a large insulin dose all at once, it’s worth splitting the dose into two injections instead. Since InsuJet isn’t painful, most patients don’t mind dividing their large insulin boluses into two consecutive injections.


You might also need to ensure you hold your InsuJet nozzle perpendicular to the skin and achieve proper surface contact. 


That way, you can ensure the insulin penetrates through the dermis and disperses through the subcutaneous layer of the skin.


Some people tend to be easy bruisers when it comes to getting injections using conventional syringes. If you’re one of those people, there’s a chance that you might notice similar bruises with InsuJet.


It’s always recommended to consult your healthcare provider, as changing the injection location can minimize such an issue.


The comfort ring on the InsuJet can be a viable option for you as it reduces the nozzle pressure, which leads to less bruising and a lower chance of skin injury.


Following your InsuJet injection, you can expect a pinprick bleed that’s completely normal when the needle sharp goes through the dermis. All you need to do is prepare a sterile cotton swap to wipe off the bleeding if it ever shows up.


Sometimes you can randomly hit a blood capillary and get more bleeding than a tiny pinprick. That’s not a big deal as the application of pressure to the injection site is enough to control the bleeding.


If you experience severe bleeding that can’t be properly controlled by such simple measures, you need to seek medical help.

Other Uses for InsuJet

Man using an InsuJet Need Free Device
Man using an InsuJet Need Free Device

Besides its use for insulin therapy, the needle-free injection system offered by InsuJet has a wide range of applications, including:


  • Vaccines: Children and adults with needle phobia can be up to date on their vaccination schedule thanks to InsuJet.


  • Veterinary care: Quick treatment of pets is made possible using the InsuJet system as it doesn’t cause pain or trauma like regular needles.


  • Dental anesthesia: The worst part of going to a dentist is the pain associated with an anesthetic injection. InsuJet devices can offer a pain-free alternative with the same efficacy.

Wrap Up

The InsuJet needle-free injection device makes for a great alternative to insulin needles. It allows for consistent insulin absorption, improved treatment efficacy, and reduced risk for accidental intramuscular injections.


InsuJet devices also balance performance and sustainability. Unlike conventional insulin syringes, you get a reliable product that can be used for up to three years and doesn’t generate medical waste.


People with diabetes who suffer from needle phobia can also benefit from InsuJet and achieve better treatment adherence.


Finally, InsuJet has a wide availability in over 40 markets, with more to come, which speaks for the company’s commitment to changing the lives of people living with diabetes all over the globe.


Have you ordered your InsuJet device yet? Tune in to the comment section and tell us how the needle-free injection device has changed your treatment plan!

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